• Human Change Management Inst.

    Human Change Management Inst.

    The Human Change Management Institute was conceived as a result of the compilation of knowledge and experiences involving: Psychology, Information Technology, People Management, Organizational Development, Project Management, Social Sciences, Strategic Planning, Creativity Management and Innovation.

    We do not claim this work to be exhaustive; we relied only on our knowledge and experience. We believe our knowledge base – HCMBOK® – will evolve from the collaboration from the community of change management professionals.

  • RDS


    RDS - Reflexo de Saberes

  • RMC Learning Solutions, Inc

    RMC Learning Solutions, Inc

    RMC provides the most effective and innovative project management, agile, and business analysis training available. Using Accelerated Learning Theory, we focus on teaching valuable, real-world skills and practical techniques to help our students learn more in less time. Rita Mulcahy started RMC with the modest idea of helping people pass the PMP® Exam. Her best-selling book, PMP® Exam Prep, set an industry standard for training material. Rita’s dream lives on today as we continue to help students pursue their passion and advance their careers.

  • VMEDU - Edusys Services Pvt Ltd

    VMEDU - Edusys Services Pvt Ltd

    VMEdu is a leader in the professional training and certification industry and has facilitated the training of 500,000+ students from 3500+ corporations across 150+ countries with a success rate of 98.7% through its global network of 1100+ training providers.

    With VMEdu's platform courses, training providers can conduct high-quality training using VMEdu's online and classroom course materials and enroll students in VMEdu scheduled classes seamlessly. Students and employees can also participate in online courses, video lectures, podcasts, simulated practice tests, and much more, all from a single portal. VMEdu eliminates all worries regarding course material development, video course creation, and the development of podcasts, simulated practice tests, and more. In addition to professional training organizations, VMEdu also helps corporations meet their various training needs through its platform offerings.

    VMEdu serves as a marketplace by bringing together content experts from around the world and uses its state-of-the-art content creation expertise to create the best-quality online and classroom courses. This quality is provided to students worldwide through its global network of 1100+ training partners. Every VMEdu course comes with an assurance of consistent, high-quality content presented in multiple formats–such as videos, podcasts, simulated tests, and mobile apps that ensure a well-rounded and practical learning experience for students.