Beyond Hybrid Agile eLearning Workshop with Mike Griffiths - Course 2

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Beyond Hybrid Agile eLearning Workshop with Mike Griffiths - Course 2


About this course:

This second workshop of the Beyond Hybrid Agile eLearning series  describes how to request your own copy of the Beyond Hybrid Agile model, adapt it for your project, and share it with your colleagues and stakeholders. As you will see, customizing the model is as easy as editing a spreadsheet. The course includes detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as interactions to help you practice using the model.

About this series:

The Beyond Hybrid Agile model, developed by Mike Griffiths, combines techniques from the agile/lean and plan-driven approaches along with leadership, emotional intelligence, and industry-specific requirements. The model is a free, customizable tool that focuses a wide range of options down to a concentrated, "barely sufficient," set of recommendations based on your specific project, organization, and industry. This allows you to quickly identify the elements for each project that are essential for optimizing team performance and value delivery.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The key elements of the model and how they work together.
  • How to get your own editable copy of the Beyond Hybrid Agile model.
  • How to customize the model for your project environment, including the labels, datasets, project characteristics, and recommendations.
  • How to securely publish and share your data.
  • How to set access privileges so that your colleagues and stakeholders can edit, comment on, or simply view your customized data.
  • How to securely share your customized model without providing access to your data.

This comprehensive course includes:

  • 3 short, interactive lessons + a Course Introduction
  • 24 pages of online content
  • 25 minutes of audio
  • 2 pages of interactive exercises
  • 11 animated pages
  • Full, unlimited access to the Beyond Hybrid Agile model so you can start customizing it for your projects
  • Convenient mobility that allows you to begin the course on one device and continue it on another
  • Unlimited 24/7 access!

Also, you may earn 1 PDU toward retaining your PMP® or PMI-ACP® certification (or 0-1 PDUs toward retaining other PMI certifications). The PMI Talent Triangle® breakdown for this course is .75 Technical, .25 Leadership, 0 Strategic (if used for PMP® or PMI-ACP® certification retention, other certification breakdowns may vary)