Stop Playing Games eLearning Course

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Stop Playing Games eLearning Course


This one-of-a-kind eLearning course takes a completely different look at project management, using games like "The Pricing Game," "Guess the Truth" and "Grapevine" to illustrate and help readers overcome organizational politics on projects. This 8-hour eLearning course dives deep into the topics of gaining buy-in from upper management, accurately estimating time and cost, controlling project communication, managing within corporate culture, taking care of your team, and more. Challenges and issues covered in this eLearning course include:

  • Presenting management with realistic options
  • Getting your point across without confrontation
  • Controlling the message and the communication channels
  • Utilizing honesty and trust as a project management tool
  • Knowing what is under your control, and what is not
  • Overcoming poor project management conditions
  • Making real change happenwithout taking things personally

If navigating organizational politics is stifling your ability to effective manage projects, you need to register for the eLearning course today!

Includes 30 days of unlimited access to the online course, beginning from the time you first log in. In this course, students will have access to:

  • An 11-section interactive tutorial
  • 75+ interactive learning-based exercises and animations
  • A course blog for sharing ideas with other students
  • 80+ audio and video narrations
  • Creation of a project politics 'Action Plan'
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to all course materials

Also, you may earn 8 PDUs toward retaining your PMP® certification (or 3-8 PDUs toward retaining other PMI certifications). The PMI Talent Triangle® breakdown for this course is 5 Technical, 2 Leadership, 1 Strategic (if used for PMP® certification retention, other certification breakdowns may vary)

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